Donating to our server will help keep us running!

Why Donate?  :  Good question, our store tries to offer unique rewards such as in-game items and commands to help our donors stand out from the crowd. We are beyond grateful to anyone who supports our hard work and efforts and want to make sure you have the best experience we can provide. Don't worry to those who want to donate but don't have the money we got your back, we hold special events that reward you with donation ranks, commands, or perks!

Is the server pay to win?  :  That is a hard question to answer considering everyone has their own opinion on what qualifies a pay to win service. We try our hardest to make sure no donation will increase the users advantage against those who don't donate, yet let them stand out from the crowd. Most donation commands can also be purchased in-game with poke coins.

Tidal Region Pixelmon is NOT affilated with Mojang in any way. Every donation goes directly to server's payments and giveaways.
If you have any problems with donating or have any questions regarding the servers store please ask DefinedNull or GAMERMAN8819 on discord or in-game.